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Heartland Custom Woodworking CO
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Koffron Hardwoods & Cabinets
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2427 2nd Street Coralville
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Essany Custom Cabinetry
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Johannes Architectural Woodworking
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Apple Valley Baskets
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Iowa City Cabinet Shop
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Green Valley Cabinet Co.
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M CA Millwork
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Johns Woodworking
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(319) 643-3443
510 290th Street West Branch
, IA

Full-Access European Cabinetry Comes to America

Europeans claim that Europe is becoming more and more like the U.S. while Americans claim that the U.S. is more and more like Europe. There is even a term for this phenomenon; it’s called convergence and it’s expected to grow from the globalization of the Internet.

And while most people don’t like becoming more like other countries, there are some advantages…including those lived out in our daily lives…in our kitchens…with more choices in kitchen cabinetry that gives us Americans more options in terms of style, function, and affordability.

When you think about cabinetry for your kitchen, once you have an aspiring vision of what you’re looking for, you should select cabinets based on the quality of their construction – not on their looks alone. So it is important to get acquainted with the various classifications of cabinetry, which include:
  • Stock
  • ready-to-assemble (RTA)
  • semi-custom
  • fully custom
  • Crossroads Custom Cabinetry™

You can see how easy it might be to get overwhelmed by all of these terms, so let’s simplify it all by clarifying the two types of cabinet construction, American traditional face frame or framed cabinet, and what is increasingly being considered the vanguard in modern cabinetry, the European style, full-access cabinetry.  
American Style or “Framed” Construction
Face frame cabinets use solid wood joinery at the front of the cabinet to form, as the name suggests, a face frame around the front of the cabinet while frameless cabinets don't. You can usually tell the difference between the two types of cabinet construction by the way the doors and drawers fit against the front. With the framed cabinet, you’ll see wide gaps between the doors and drawers from the front. This is called a frame-overlay style. When the doors of the cabinet are closed you can still see the cabinet face frames around the doors and drawer fronts and you can often see the hinges as well.

Framed cabinetry is most likely the one you will feel familiar with as it has been the standard style in America for several decades. This is due to the fact that framed cabinetry ...

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