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Windshield World
(802) 862-1020
7 Adams Drive
Burlington, VT
Sondik Supply
(802) 864-6806
716 Pine St
Burlington, VT
Millwork Supply Inc
(802) 658-3789
211 College St
Burlington, VT
Able Paint Glass & Flooring
(802) 655-6500
683 Pine St
Burlington, VT
Limoge & Sons Garage Doors Inc
(802) 878-4338
81 Park Ave
South Burlington, VT
Busy Bee
(802) 864-1724
8 Logwood St
Burlington, VT
Acme Glass Co
(802) 658-1400
26 Pearl St
Burlington, VT
Ribbecke Lawrence Studios Architectural Stained Glass
(802) 658-3425
377 Pine St
Burlington, VT
Windows & Doors By Brownell
(802) 862-4800
800 Marshall Ave
Williston, VT
Busy Bee
(802) 864-1724
8 Logwood St
Burlington, VT

What To Do with a Really Bad Window View

Ever have a window that looks straight out into the sprawling vista of your neighbor’s fence? Not that removing the fence would reveal any greater view, but what do you do with an essentially non-functional window?

You've got a couple of choices and they're predicated on one, elemental reality…light.

If you have light coming through a window that does not offer up a wondrous panorama, you can do something with the light to make the entire experience pleasing. You can insert a stained-glass-window. When working with stained glass, there are a few different options. Let's explore them.

If you live in a fairly well populated area, chances are that you can find someone that is willing to teach you stained glass making. This is a great way to learn a new skill and add your own, unique touch to your living space. You can start with community centers, adult-ed programs at high schools, community colleges and private classes. Your first project would not likely be your 4x3 replacement window, but with enough work, you could probably get up-to-speed fairly quickly and bring home something worthy of being on your wall.

Another route of course is to buy a stained glass window replacement. Here, you can go in two directions. You can go vintage or new. Vintage can be much more expensive, especially if the piece is in great shape from a specific era, such as "art-deco." It can also be time consuming to find the right piece, price and size. Believe it or not, e-bay has loads of stained glass pieces, with some going as far back as the 1800's. Now the downside to this is that you cannot see it in its natural setting. Estate sales and antique dealers can also be good sources for purchasing stained glass windows.

You can also buy new stained glass from both physical and online dealers. Buying new stained glass will usually ensure a vibrancy of color. Prices vary from dealer to dealer, artist to artist. With contemporary stained glass, if you want something unique and you don't feel like sacrificing either time or one of your digits, you can commission someone to craft something for you.

There are other alternatives to stained glass for that window as well.

You can get wallpaper for windows. These are essentially stained glass without the glass and they're called Decorative Window Film . You can roll them on and they have the appearance of of glass and other textures or designs. They're almost like large decals and believe it or not, some of the design...

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