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Cedar Creek Nursery NC
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Vandemark Farms
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Spring Hope, NC
Wrenn's Farm & Nursery
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Zebulon, NC
Custis Nursery
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Turf & Scapes
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Youngsville, NC

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Landscaper's Choice Nursery
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Louisburg, NC
McCracken's Nursery
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Zebulon, NC
Corbett's Nursery
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Zebulon, NC
Franklin Brothers Nursery
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Henderson, NC
Grantlin Landscape Services, Inc.
(919) 569-0216
PO box 930
Wake Forest, NC
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Improve Your Yard and Landscape with a Retaining Wall

Are you tired of watching your back yard disappear faster than your money at the gas pump? Maybe it’s time for a retaining wall. If your yard is sloped, or you simply want to add different levels to your landscape, a retaining wall is the perfect option. However, saying that you want a retaining wall for your yard is like saying that you want a new car – which one is best for your needs?

There are basically four different types of retaining walls – wood, pavers, stone/rocks and concrete. Here’s how to determine which type of retaining wall is best for your yard:

A retaining wall made from concrete pavers or blocks is a popular choice for do-it-yourself homeowners. The material for this type of retaining wall is available at home improvement retailers.
A paver or block wall is easy to curve to fit a unique landscape. Pavers and blocks are good for most any size retaining wall.
This kind of wall looks like a natural part of the landscape. Stone and rock walls, though, are usually more difficult to build because they involve fitting pieces together and securing them with mortar. They are generally better for lower retaining walls.
If strength is the sole determining factor in your retaining wall, then you can’t go wrong with concrete. Concrete will probably last as long as you own your home, but it also presents two major challenges – cost and appearance. Conc...

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