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Local resource for residential landscapers in Lewiston. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to landscape contractors and lawn and garden stores, as well as advice and content on landscaping.

Accent Irrigation & Fence
(509) 758-9699
2620 27Th St
Clarskton, WA

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Clearwater Sprinklers
(208) 743-7742
1425 16th Ave
Lewisainton, ID
Carlton Landscaping
(208) 743-7606
3322 10th Street
Lewiston, ID
Bob's Tropical Fish & Pet Shop
(208) 743-7477
1035 21st St
Lewisainton, ID
Lewiston Shrub & Landscape
(208) 746-7467
812 Bryden Dr
Lewisainton, ID
Liqui-Lawn Service
(208) 746-5130
131 Snake River Ave
Lewisainton, ID
Garden Gate
(208) 746-0498
1425 16th Ave
Lewisainton, ID
John's Saw Service
(208) 743-8982
106 16th St
Lewisainton, ID
Mc Rock
(208) 746-7964
3434 Main St
Lewisainton, ID
Sears Roebuck & Company
(800) 488-1222
1900 21st Ave
Lewisainton, ID
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Front Yard Landscaping Trends

While there are many factors concerning front yard landscaping, many people are looking for a low maintenance, trendy design that will not only add to a home’s curb appeal, but will also keep the stress to a minimum. 

Less Grass

One front yard landscaping trend that has become increasing popular is have less grass. Not only does it cost less to maintain, but it also gives the overall landscape design a more natural look (with more focus on trees, plants, flowers, etc). Many people are using clover instead of grass, which is a front yard landscaping trend in itself. Having a clover lawn means way less maintenance, but they also tend to do really well where you normally have dry patches, and they also do well all over the country.  


Like changing your law situation, making changes to your irrigation system is also a trend on the rise for a similar reason of less maintenance. While integrating an automatic water system into your front yard landscaping design is a time saver, it usually costs less money in the long run. Not only will it be less time and money, but it also easier for when you don’t want to get out the dead heat to water your lawn. 

Curb Appeal

Another front yard landscaping trend is making sure your curb appeal is the best it can be with plants, flowers, lighting, and walkways. Walkways are becoming more and more popular when putting together the overall front yard landscaping design. Many are creating these walkways as centerpieces of the design that not only beautify your front yard landscaping design, but act as an invitation to your home.  

Low Maintenance Plants

Another thing to consider when creating your front yard landscaping design is to choose plants that are low maintenance, keeping with that theme. Choosing prairie plants is a good example because you can circle a tree with them, and perhaps add some stones to the de...

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