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Green home remodeling can build your existing home into an energy efficient house by incorporating recycled materials. See below for more resources on remodeling contractors in Bemidji for your green remodeling projects, as well as advice and content on home remodeling.

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Green Remodeling Project Ideas

Anytime you hear the word “remodeling” the first thing that comes to your mind is expensive and stressful. Even though the task may seem daunting remodeling your home so that it’s more environment safely will not only make you feel like a good humanitarian but you can actually save a few hundred bucks at the end of the month! All in favor of trimming dollars of their monthly bills say: Aye! 

Green Remodeling Project Ideas 

Ease Up On Water Flow 

Everyone knows that the bathroom is a major source of energy loss.  Water is being ran in the faucet, shower and the toilet and if your like every other family in America, you will agree that sometimes we tend to consume much more water than we really need.  Installing a faucet aerator in your bathroom can decrease water flow by 50%. You can also have low flow shower heads to prevent use more water than necessary. This is a great way to decrease your water bill every month. 

There are also “green toilets” to control water usage.  Dual- flush toilets is a new technology available that uses different water usage for liquid or solid waste.   

Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom

If your looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, there are eco friendly countertops you can use. They are made from compressed paper fiber, terrazzo, concrete and other products. You may even want to consider investing in energy efficient appliances like freezers, refrigerators and microwaves. When it comes to flooring you can use recycled wood or durable grades of wood such as bamboo and cork. 

Reduce Water Heating

By wrapping your home’s hot water heat with an insulated blanket can reduce the frequency of reheating the hot water in the storage tank whenever the hot water is turned on.  This is also a good method to use to reduce your water bill. 

Alternative Power Methods

Solar powe...

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