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American Chimney & Gutter
(678) 721-1700
38 Cherokee Hts SW
Cartersville, GA
Chimneys, gutter,roofing, storm damage, hail damage, roofing inspection, repair and installation

S & J Roofing
(678) 914-2166
6151 Old Stilesboro Rd
Acworth, GA

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Brumlow Roofing & Restoration
(678) 954-8517
128 Lighthouse Drive
Dallas, GA
Leak Masters, Inc.
(404) 418-7854
3021 Leesburg Trail
Woodstockwood, GA

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Landmark Roofs & Siding
(770) 337-2580
324 Chesapeake Rdg
Woodstock, GA
Mon 07:00 AM-07:00 PM;Tue 07:00 AM-07:00 PM;Wed 07:00 AM-07:00 PM;Thu 07:00 AM-07:00 PM;Fri 07:00 AM

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Hufstetler Roofing & Repairs
(678) 721-4188
102 Gordon Rd
Taylorsville, GA
S&J Roofing
(678) 914-2166
6151 Old Stilesboro Rd
Acworth, GA
Cool Roofing Co
(706) 374-1766
423 Chester Harris Dr
Dallas, GA

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Peak Contracting
(770) 516-3878
2815 Andover Way
Woodstock, GA

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American Roofing Company
(800) 385-0781
205 Evergreen Street
Rome, GA
All types of roofing
Membership Organizations
Authorized GAF installer

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Three Things You Should Know about Rain Gutters

Rain gutters outline your roof, catch rainwater and direct it away from your home and onto the ground through a downspout. Choosing the right gutter system isn’t the most glamorous part of being a homeowner, but it’s a necessary evil, and many modern gutter designs are both functional and easy on the eyes.
Rain Gutters Protect your House – and Your Garden.
Rain gutters prevent water from seeping into floors and walls and damaging the inside of your home. But they also stop excess rain from eating away at the soil protecting the house’s foundation. This protects your home from serious structural damage. Gutters reduce standing water in gardens, lawns and bushes, eliminating pesky mosquitoes and plant fungus. Roof drainage systems keep windows and doors dry, preventing unpleasant surprises when you open windows for some fresh air after a storm.


You Can Choose from Two Gutter Systems – Sectional or Seamless.
Traditional sectional gutters consist of separate sections fastened together during installation, either by soldering or riveting and caulking. These joints deteriorate and leak as time passes. A custom-made seamless gutter, cut out of aluminum or metal specifically to match your home’s measurements and exterior, eliminates the need for joint repair and maintenance.  
Several Materials Are Used to Make Gutters.
Flexible, inexpensive vinyl looks good, comes in many colors and can be installed even by novice handymen. It’s fragile and warps in cold or extreme weather, but works well on homes in mild climates.

Unlike vinyl, aluminum gutters stand up against cold weather. They don’t rust and you can paint them to match your roof or house color. Aluminum gutters are riveted and caulked at the joints to hold them in place. The pricier primary aluminum lasts longer than lightweight, recycled aluminum, though both types are available in seamles...

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