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Carpet One Adams
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Radiant Floors: An Alternative Heating Source

A great option for an alternative heating source is a radiant floor. The radiant floor replaces forced air heating systems and does a number of things right off the bat.

Functionally, there is no need for grates or ducts. This creates a feeling space and clean lines inside of a house. Radiant floors are also a real health benefit as well. Forced air heating systems blow dust and mold throughout the living space unless the filters are changed frequently. If you or a member of your family has breathing difficulties or disorders, a radiant floor will go a long towards helping you make the air in your home more breathable.

When is a good time to install a radiant floor? Obviously, one of the best times is when you’re building a home from the ground up, but it’s not essential. You can use a pre-existing floor to install a radiant heating surface. A number of people decide to go radiant when they want to replace a floor surface, thus taking care of two major remodeling jobs.

What Type Of Radiant Floor?
There are essentially three types of radiant floors and you’ll need to determine which one works best for you and your budget. There are electric radiant floors, radiant air floors and hot water radiant floors. Hot water radiant floors are believed to be the most popular.

Electrical Radiant Floors Electrical radiant floors are generally the most economical in terms of installation. They come in mats and are simply laid out underneath the floors surface. Each room can be quipped with it’s own individual thermostat. Here’s the kicker. The cost of heating an electric floor is roughly the same as lighting one, standard light bulb. We’re talking substantial savings. Electrical radiant floors, unlike water radiant floors can be installed between the concrete pad and the surface floor that sits on top of it. This option is more ideal for a remodel than the following two, though water radiant floor designs have made huge
strides in being incorporated into a remodel.

Radiant Air Floors While these can be installed, they are not the most economical as it recreates the forced air function beneath the surface of the floor. Solar air flooring is now the dominant form of radiant air flooring when installed.

Water Radiant Floors Water radiant floors (also known as hydronic heating ) are usually sunken into the concrete pad, though are no longer relegated to build process. Energy efficient tubing snakes around the house and cr...

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