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PPS Plumbing
2160 Harper Road
Clemmons, NC

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PF Plumbing
(336) 778-2008
6221 Hacker Bend Ct
Winston Salem, NC

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A-1 Plumbing Services & Repair Specialist
(336) 788-5497
4569 South Main St
Winston Salem, NC
Clifton Plumbing Co
(336) 595-4395
6980 Walnut Cove Rd
Walkertown, NC

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Pro Plumbing Services, LLC
(336) 499-6844
446 Teebo Road
Lexington, NC
C & W Plumbing Inc
(336) 659-1854
1614 S Hawthorne Rd
Winston Salem, NC

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Precise Plumbing
(704) 765-3272
6120 Herinhut Road
Winston Salem, NC

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1844 E 4th St
Winston Salem, NC

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The Plumbing Service Company
(336) 996-7444
305 Pineview Dr.
Kernersville NC , NC
Plumbing and HVAC

Plumbing Service Co
(336) 996-7444
305 Pineview Dr
Kernersville, NC

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Keeping Your Pipes in Tip Top Shape

Pipes are some of the essential bones of a house. You want to always keep them in good shape to ensure your home is valued correctly and in the best working order it can be.
Many people selling their homes have to fix their plumbing to make sure that their house can be sold for its true value. But whether you’re selling your home or not, it is important to learn how to keep your pipes well maintained. This article will help you develop some pipe maintenance tips of your own.

Cleaning the Drains

Cleaning your drain with a chemical cleaner is advisable to keep your pipes in shape. There are lots of materials in your drains including hair, food particles and other types of debris. So it is good to clear them out every so often. For those who want to be more environmentally friendly, there are drain cleaners that are organic and they work just as well.

Shutting off the Water Supply

You should know when to shut off your water supply. If you have pipes that might be exposed to extreme cold and freeze it is good to shut off the water. This will keep your pipes from bursting in the Winter causing more damage than you want to deal with. You should get a thermal foam protection for exposed pipes to prevent you from spending on repairs later on.

Discipline when Flushing

Don't flush down bulky materials such as tissue, sanitary napkins or paper in your toilet. This might not only clog the toilet but create a majo...

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