Outdoor Decor Specialists Martinsburg WV

Below you will find advice on how to select outdoor décor specialists for your home improvement and garden needs in Martinsburg, WV. Read on to learn more about gardening tips and other outdoor décor options including cupolas, planter benches.

Meehan's Miniatures
(301) 432-2965
Rohrersville, MD
Colonial Farm Nursery
(304) 263-5232
2100 Tuscarora Pike
Martinsburg, WV
Cecil's Building Supply Incorporated
(304) 263-5442
210 Adams St
Martinsburg, WV
Tevin Tree & Landscape LLC
(304) 725-7946
674 Gosling Marsh Rd
Martinsburg, WV
A & E Alignment
(304) 263-2885
503 N Queen St
Martinsburg, WV
Grasshopper Pet Sitting
(301) 432-5428
19939 Yarrowsburg Road
Knoxville, MD

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Adam's Landscaping Lawn Care
(304) 229-3626
9017 Apple Harvest Dr
Martinsburg, WV
Welltown Nursery
(304) 263-3983
524 Welltown School Rd
Martinsburg, WV
Absolute Best Lawn Service
(304) 271-8929
Martinsburg, WV
Kneisly Engine & Mower Shop
(304) 267-6805
1217 Grazier St
Martinsburg, WV
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Landscaping Trends

They always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover and unfortunately we always do. As homeowners I’m sure you know that your house could also be judged by it’s cover or it’s outward appearance. It might be beautiful on the inside but if it’s a mess on the outside people will assume the worst. That’s why it is essential that every homeowner keeps a nice landscape.

Here are some hot landscaping trends that will not only appeal to outsiders but will increase your home’s value:

Cultural Inspired Water Fountains

Okay, yes I know what your thinking. Yes, water is a common landscape decorative ornament. When your really think of most water fountain display systems simply consist of sand and stone elements. But now it’s time to think out the box, look for cultural inspired water fountains with complicated designs.

Local Stones and Rocks

If you’re an environment friendly type of person then you might want to make good use of local rocks and stones or purchase them. You incorporate these rocks into you water fountain scheme.


If your looking for a wow factor to your landscape then add a unique sculpture.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a increasingly popular trend. Great lightening can give the appearance of more space and it can increase your home’s security. If you use solar lighting you can also cut down on your home’s electricity bill. Landscape floodlights can brighten up your walkway and even shed light on your beautiful garden or flower beds

Natural Looking Flower Beds

No more phony looking flowers, either plant the real thing or ones where you can hardly tell the difference. Fake flowers are so ‘80s and cheap.

Outdoor Furniture

Of course outdoor furniture never goes out of style. If you haven’t already jazz up your landscape with some trendy furniture. These days homeowners are even adding purchasing outdoor dining area furniture.


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