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(360) 748-4221
PO Box 630 623 NW State Street
Chehalis , WA
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Annuals, Bulbs, Chemicals, Crop Protection, Garden Center Marketing, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Groundcovers, Holiday Items, Horticulture Companies, Landscaping Services, Mulch, Perennials, Pest Control Supplies, Plants, Roses, Seeds, Shrubs, Soil & Amendments, Trees

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Bennie's Gardens
(360) 748-1061
1870 Bishop Rd
Chehalis, WA
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Annuals, Aquatics, Bulbs, Christmas Trees - Cut, Conifers / Evergreens, Container Gardening, Flower Seed, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Groundcovers, Mulch, Nurseries - Wholesale, Perennials, Plants, Roses, Seed, Seeds, Shrubs, Trees, Trees, Wreaths & Decorations, Vegetable Seed, Wildflower Seed

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Lael's Moon Garden
(360) 273-9567
17813 Moon Rd SW
Rochester, WA
Thursday through Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM

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Shorty's Nursery Inc
(360) 887-3936
705 NE 199th St
Ridgefield, WA
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Animal / Insect Traps, Annuals, Arrangement Accessories, Bonsai, Boots / Clogs, Bulbs, Ceramic, Terra Cotta & Stone Containers, Chemicals, Christmas Trees - Cut, Christmas Trees - Live B&B, Christmas Trees - Live Container, Clothing, Compost, Composting, Containers - Decorative, Crop Protection, Decorative Planters & Urns, Equipment - New, Erosion & Sediment Control Supplies, Fountains - Decorative, Furniture / Structures, Garden Center Marketing, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments,…

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Keep It Simple, Inc.
(866) 558-0990
12323 180th Ave NE
Redmond, WA

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Northfork Nursery
(360) 262-3129
1677 Northfork Rd
Chelais, WA
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Pioneer West Garden Center
(360) 736-3872
710 N. Tower Avenue
Centralia, WA
Products / Services
Annuals, Aquatics, Arbors / Arches, Arrangement Accessories, Benches / Chairs / Tables, Bird Baths, Bird Houses / Nest Boxes, Boots / Clogs, Bulbs, Ceramic, Terra Cotta & Stone Containers, Chemicals, Christmas Lighting, Christmas Ornaments & Decorations, Christmas Trees - Live Container, Clothing, Concrete Furniture, Conifers / Evergreens, Containers - Decorative, Crop Protection, Cut Flowers, Decorative Planters & Urns, Display Structures, Ferns, Fertilizers, Fish / Koi, Fish Food, Florist, …

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Scatter Creek Nurseries
(360) 273-6730
17101 Vircon Dr SW
Rochester, WA

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Skagit Valley Gardens
(360) 424-6760
18923 Johnson Road
Mount Vernon , WA
Products / Services
Florist, Flower Seed, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Plants, Seed, Wildflower Seed

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Jans Hanging Gardens
(509) 784-0333
141 Weimer Rd
Orondo, WA
Products / Services
Builders / Contractors, Garden Centers / Nurseries

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The World of Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer isn’t just fish emulsion and cow manure anymore -- but those timeless soil builders are popular for a reason: they work. Still, there are plenty of other options out there and some provide solutions for specific soil conditions.

Just as the body responds to homeopathic and naturopathic treatments, so does soil.

Let’s drop down and get a level view of the world of organic soils.

Treating Specific Soil Conditions 
Chances are, you’re simply looking to plant a garden and help your plants and veggies thrive. But not all top soils were created equal. Some people have to deal with impediments like sand or clay or too much alkaline or too much acid. That’s when getting very specific can be extremely helpful when introducing organic fertilizers

For instance, if you really want to promote large blooms of flowers or fruits , Bat Guano has been found to be highly effective. Bat Guano is high in phosphorous and that you see is what promotes those big, blooming fruits and flowers.

If you want to build up the immunity of your soil and make it more pest, drought and disease resistant, liquid seaweed is a great supplement for struggling gardens and especially lawns.

If you want to loosen up clay soil , sphagnum peat moss will do the trick.

Binding sandy soil can be achieved by introducing colloidial rock phosphate.

Yellow and stunted leaves can indicate a copper deficiency and can be treated with copper sulfate. Pale leaves that turn yellow means that your plants and trees are iron deficient and could use a boost of 10% chelated Iron supplements. Straight yellow leaves usually indicates low sulfur, which can be treated with gypsum. Reddish brown leaves that curl up and die is a clue that your soil is low in calcium and a little addition of limestone flour can remedy that.
Zeolite is Not from Outer Space Zeolite is one of the great new-age natural fertilizers. It is zeolite rock that is crushed in various sizes ...

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