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(563) 582-5777
Dubuque, IA
Floor Show Corp.
(563) 557-9952
1475 Associates Dr
Dubuque, IA
Kahles Flooring
(563) 583-9127
2600 Dodge St
Dubuque, IA
Carpetland USA
(563) 582-1200
4095 Mcdonald Dr
Dubuque, IA
Contract Flooring Incorporated
(563) 583-9163
10696 Lake Eleanor Rd
Dubuque, IA
(563) 583-8876
Dubuque, IA
Mels Carpet Outlet
(563) 582-5777
3120 Cedar Cross Ct
Dubuque, IA
Collins Flooring
(563) 583-6476
1000 Century Cir
Dubuque, IA
Mel's Carpet Outlet
(563) 582-5777
3120 Cedar Crossing Court
Dubuque, IA
Widmeier Flooring
(563) 690-2211
5255 Pennsylvania Ave
Dubuque, IA

Thinking about Marble Flooring?

Marble flooring is an extremely popular trend, specifically in warmer climates (marble flooring usually stays very cool in the heat). The quality of the finish on marble flooring is always very high, and the variations of natural veins on the marble always make for a wide selection of flooring options. The other biggie is that marble never seems to go out of style, so even with its long life-span, marble can make all kinds of décor work for you! 

Most major flooring outlets have a wide selection of marble, and many high-end designers often work with marble. It seems to say “high-class” for any home, and is often viewed as a sign of money, although marble has been made more accessible to a range of incomes over the last couple of years.  

The stability of marble is very surprising—it’s super strong and able to handle a lot of wear and tear, and is almost virtually self-maintaining. Usually there is a stain resistant sealant put on the marble right after it is laid, which lasts around ten years.  

Another great reason for choosing marble flooring is the fact that it has a “stone as art” quality that many flooring options do not. While many kinds of flooring is beautiful and looks great, marble has an ancient, extremely artsy feel to it, giving a home much more style as opposed to using linoleum flooring.  

Once again, a plus for choosing marble flooring is cleaning. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain gorgeous marble flooring. It can be as easy as sweeping and mopping with hot soapy water, although most of the time it’s fine on its own. Although the only major faux-paux is if a caustic liquid is spilled, it should be cleaned right away otherwise it will leave a stain (professionals can remove the stain—but why pay for that when you could spend 5 minutes cleaning it yourself for free?) 

Like any other project, there are always a few negatives. Just like it can...

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