Low-Flow Toilet Retailers Lebanon MO

Local resource for low-flow toilet retailers in Lebanon, MO. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to low-flow toilets, toilet retailers, wall mounted toilets as well as information on high efficiency toilets and content on toilets.

Freedom Home Crafters By Robinson
(417) 532-7768
1550 E Route 66
Lebanon, MO
Bobs Remodeling & Construction
(417) 532-0064
30095 Highway F
Lebanon, MO
Mcalexander Barbara
(417) 588-4151
22711 Primrose Dr
Lebanon, MO
Neighborhoods Home Improvement Store
(417) 533-5080
19850 Houston Rd
Lebanon, MO
B & J Plumbing & Remodeling
(417) 588-1884
14733 Deercreek Rd
Lebanon, MO
Southard Michael Construction Co
(417) 532-7577
PO Box 82
Lebanon, MO
Honey Do's Inc
(417) 532-7723
1129 Tyler Dr
Lebanon, MO
Pulver Construction
(417) 533-8117
25150 Meadowlark Dr
Lebanon, MO
Appleby Dave Construction Co
(417) 532-9484
22885 Richmond Dr
Lebanon, MO
Meek's Builder's Choice
(417) 588-3223
2041 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO

Choosing a Low-Flow Toilet

How to Go Low?

A new way to go green in the bathroom, is to have a low-flow toilet. Water usage can be significantly decreased by using low-flow toilets in your home. According to the American Water Works Association, toilets consume an average of 20.1 gallons of water per person, per day. Upgrading your home/business with a low-flow toilet would change the outcome from a 3.5 gpf (gallon per flush) toilet to a 1.6 gpf toilet, reducing the annual water usage per person.

Whether the reason for choosing a low-flow toilet is financial, to keep up with building codes, or because you want to be environmentally responsible, there are a couple of things to consider when choosing the correct low-flow toilet for your situation. In order to increase the chance of a positive low-flow toilet experience you should keep the following in mind.

Performance is key

With so many technologies behind a toilet’s functionality—like single flush, dual flush, pressure assist, and gravity fed—performance should be a top priority when choosing a low-flow toilet. Performance is measured by how well one flush removes waste. With so many third party testing and subsequent conflicting results, one of the new testing protocols (Maximum Performance, or MaP) has earned accolades from government and manufacturing agencies, becoming the new norm for testing results.

HET standards

An important element to consider when purchasing a low-flow toilet is to make sure you ge...

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