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The Home Depot
100 Cross Terrace Blvd
Charleston, WV
Mon-Sat: 6:00am-10:00pm
Sun: 8:00am-8:00pm

Zegeer Do it Best Hardware
(304) 342-3383
1421 Washington St. E.
Charleston, WV
Green's Feed & Seed
(304) 343-0441
314 Piedmont Rd
Charleston, WV
Evans Do it Best Lumber
(304) 744-3436
D Street & 2nd Avenue
South Charleston, WV
Smith's True Value
(304) 965-3313
4509 Pennsylvania Ave
Big Chimney, WV
Home Depot #4802
(304) 744-9501
100 Cross Terrace Boulevard
Charleston, WV
Mountaineer Wholesale Sply Inc
(304) 343-5606
1333 Smith St
Charleston, WV
Ferguson 142
(304) 342-4784
160 Spring St
Charleston, WV
F.M. Pile Hardware Co Inc
(304) 343-7578
1625 W Washington Street
Charleston, WV
Marco Supply- Charleston
(304) 345-4747
2231 Washington St W Charleston, WV, 25312
Charleston, WV

The Lazy Susan Cabinet Comeback

The name is antiquated. The “convenient Susan” would be more appropriate, as would the “storage space friendly Susan,” but the names don’t have the same ring or familiarity. The “lazy” designation is also a misnomer because it is not particularly easy to install or maintain.

Even so, the Lazy Susan is one of the best ways to organize a kitchen and make use of a corner cabinet. It is much more convenient than deep cabinets in which infrequently-used items become buried and collect dust in a back corner. How often have you done spring cleaning to find something you forget you owned? Did you have to wear gloves and a dust mask to retrieve it?

Maybe it’s time to resolve that problem and put your kitchen space to good use.

The Lazy Susan allows storage for and easy access to most pots, pans, and baking dishes, though larger items like the wok and cookie sheets will have to occupy another cabinet with larger square footage. The space can even be used as a pantry for items like canned foods, pasta containers, and spices, if so desired.

The corner cabinet can be used for a full-circle Lazy Susan or a D-shaped one, or even a double-tiered space with separate rotating trays, depending upon need and space. Making sure that sides are built up of the circle are built up with about a one- or two-inch lip to prevent items from slipping off into the mysterious abyss of the cabinet space. And don’t skimp on the quality o...

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