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Casey Nursery
(919) 735-1801
Goldsboro, NC
Monrovia La Grange
La Grange, NC
Taylor's Nursery & Plant Farm
(919) 658-5263
Mount Olive, NC
Jones Tree Farm
(828) 692-6700
Zirconia, NC
Nursery South
(910) 734-7449
Lumberton, NC
Jericho Farms
(919) 242-8297
Pikeville, NC
Woodard Pecan Nursery
(919) 965-3561
Princeton, NC
Beaver Dam Nursery
(704) 888-1506
Midland, NC
Arbor Fields
(704) 283-2345
Marshville, NC
Grantham Farms & Nursery
(910) 739-1995
Lumberton, NC

Landscape Trends

More and more people are taking pride in the outside area of their homes, leading to many outdoor enthusiasts and experts lending their ideas to list the top landscaping trends for this year. Improving the outside of your home can even add equity to the home.

The first trend is outdoor LED lighting. The popularity of outdoor lighting has been on the rise, and this particular option is the most popular (especially because it has a green factor, which is a trend that is also rising in popularity). The LED options allow you to easily light your garden/yard without getting a high increase in your electricity bill.  Another type of lighting that can add to your garden is solar lights, these are popular in the form of decorative sticks that usually feature an animal or shape that lights up using solar power.

Another popular trend for landscaping is less lawn. More and more homeowners are using other features in the outdoor areas, creating less lawn area. This also overlaps with another trend, trying to use less water outdoors becoming aware of water conservation. Also lawn care and upkeep is expensive, therefore many are cutting back in this area to get other things in their landscaping. Also, when there is less lawn is gives your outdoor area a more natural look.

A couple of trends regarding flowers and gardens include having a vegetable garden (a trend started by the first lady). Vegetable gardens are not only trendy, but they can also decrease the amount of money you spend elsewhere on veggies. Another benefit is that you can control the substances that are used around your vegetables (like pesticides).

Lines of colorful tulips are no longer the norm when landscaping trends are concerned,
natural looking flower beds are the new trend. Instead of beds that look “perfect”, many are suggesting that a natural flowerbed will be easier to maintain. Also, using plants that have large blooms is also a rising trend. It’s expe...

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