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A fresh coat of paint can bring a room to life. However a successful interior painting project has a lot to do with careful planning and preparation. Interior paint supply stores in Missoula, MT offer everything you need to prepare such as caulking guns, wall borders and paint supplies. Simply follow paint color tips and painting tools below to help ensure the success of your painting project.

Timlick Painting Tom
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Willard Neighbors
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1725 North Ave W
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Garde Painting
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329 S 4th St W
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Picasso Bros. Painting
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500 Inez St
Missoula, MT
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Missoula Valley Painting
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1823 Mcdonald Ave
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Rst Painting
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1209 Schilling St
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Professional Painting
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1935 Dixon Ave
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Hornstein Painting LLP
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839 W Central Ave
Missoula, MT
Silvertip Painting
(406) 542-3729
2222 Westfield CT
Missoula, MT
Amundson Painting
(406) 880-4725
313 E Sussex Ave
Missoula, MT

Paint Colors for Spring

Spring fashion is not only something that the fashion industry enjoys; a share of the market goes to the paint industry as well. This spring, splashes of sunshine is the trend not only because the sun is finally out but because it makes your surroundings bright and sunny. Paint color trends for spring involve bright yellow, warm orange, and red. Aside from the colors of the sun, paint color trends for spring brings in the old and the new –blending them together to get new tones and unique combinations for your interior and exterior paint.

According to experts, contrast and contradiction is the key to get a unique paint color but the main aim of the industry nowadays is to bring in warmer colors for those who live in colder environments and the cooler ones for those who live in the tropics.

For example, those who live in the Caribbean or in the warmer parts of the US or Southeast Asia, paint color trends for spring spells blues, greens and a mix of the two. For those who live in colder places -browns, reds, yellows, copper browns and bright hues of orange are the trend. Integrating earth colors is the “in” thing for cold places which is aimed not only to bring warmth into your home but to bring in the colors of the earth as well.

A combination of different colors is also something you should consider if you are planning to repaint your home for spring. A sprinkling of fresh colors with acidic undertones is another idea, according to paint experts because this reminds us of the energy of being young. Basically, the trends today are focused on the environment and people’s well-being.

These color trends especially the combo colors i.e. fresh green with acidic green, or warm orange with copper brown do not only signify another season, it also signifies the complications of the times. The increasing focus nowadays is to keep ourselves healthy amidst luxury and modern living making natural materials or natural colors increasing...

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