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Your home may be your most precious financial asset. That’s why it’s important to find the right home renovation contractor that fits the needs and budget for your home improvements. Below is the one stop shop for locating a reputable home remodeling contractor in Lebanon, MO for your home improvement needs such as bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, new addition or roofing, plumbing and electrical services and much more.

Ray Medley Plumbing
(417) 588-3300
23715 Falcon Rd
Lebanon, MO
Vaughn's Cleaning Service & Complete Floor Maintenance
(417) 533-5369
24372 Parade Dr
Lebanon, MO
J A G Real Estate Investments
(417) 532-4019
100 Northgate Dr
Lebanon, MO
Southard Michael Construction Co
(417) 532-7577
PO Box 82
Lebanon, MO
D & D Excavating & Backhoe Service LLC
(417) 532-2195
128 E Commercial St
Lebanon, MO
Bell Plumbing
(417) 533-5328
158 N Adams Ave
Lebanon, MO
Kci Construction Co
(417) 588-9200
119 W Fremont Rd
Lebanon, MO
True Construction
(417) 588-3235
2501 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO
Pro Clean Professional Cleaning Services
(417) 286-3215
31680 Rail Dr
Lebanon, MO
Fleetwood Homes
(417) 533-3599
438 Highway Mm
Lebanon, MO

Attached Garages as Bonus Rooms

If you have a need for extra space, there are plenty of places to find it without adding on to your home. Attached garages make great extra space when you don’t need them for cars, tools, or other storage needs. Bonus rooms are a great way to make any home more usable, but also more attractive as an upgrade in the event that you aren’t going to stay there forever. You can easily build walls where the garage door used to be and insulate the space without having to do a lot of work. Just tie it into the plumbing and heating of the house, and you’re good to go.

What is a ‘Bonus Room’?

The term ‘bonus room’ is used a lot in real estate and construction. Essentially, a bonus room is any un-designated space within the house. For example, a typical home has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Some homes may have an attic, a basement or a den. Any other room that is not specifically named for a purpose is known as a bonus room. You can turn this room into an entertainment room, a bar where your friends can hang out, or even a craft room if you are looking for a quiet space to do your crafting.

Adding a bonus room to your house by finishing and enclosing your attached garage not only adds usefulness to your family, but it also adds value to your home. Garages themselves do have value within a home, but they are not inherently useful like extra living space always seems to be. Therefore, if you’ve got a garage that is mostly unused, you should consider remodeling it to create more living space and more resale value for your home.

Why the Garage?

The garage is typically the most under-utilized space within a home. Aside from being home to your cars and your clutter, they don’t really do a lot. In some cases, they are workshops or utility rooms, but not in every case. This is the easiest way to get extra square footage added to your home without having to actually build on to the exis...

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