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With the money borrowed from the home mortgage lenders at banks, a home buyer can own a house without paying much money up front. See below to learn more and to gain access to home mortgage lenders in Vidalia and information on home mortgage rates, home loans, and mortgage calculators.

Darby Bank & Trust Co
(912) 537-8813
300 E 1St St
Vidalia, GA
(912) 537-3034
2331 East 1st Street
Mortgage Brokers

B. Dennis Banks Agency
(912) 537-8831
312 Maple Dr
Vidalia, GA
B B And T Branch First Street
(912) 537-2221
900 East 1st Street
Vidalia, GA
Vidalia Federal Savings And Loan Association Telephone Banking
(912) 537-4540
300 Jackson Street
Vidalia, GA
Tbw Inc
(912) 537-0017
116 Main Street Sw
Vidalia, GA
Murray Bishop And Stevens Inc
(912) 537-9011
Po Box 606
Vidalia, GA
American General Financial Services
(912) 537-7635
3189 East 1st Street
Mortgage Brokers

AG South Farm Credit
(912) 537-4135
314 Commerce Way
Mortgage Brokers

Southern Harvest Insurance Agency Inc
(912) 537-9761
104 East 1st Street
Vidalia, GA

Energy Efficient Mortgages (Part 2)

An energy efficient mortgage acknowledges that homes that are energy efficient generally cost homeowners less to maintain on a monthly basis as oppose to other standard homes. Buying a energy efficient home allows a homebuyer to be able to spend money on other items for the house because their energy bills will be reduced. Energy Efficient Mortgages (EMM) allows borrowers to take out bigger mortgages because their monthly energy expenses on a energy efficient home won’t be as expensive meaning that they will most likely be able to pay the loan off faster. With a EEM you can also take a standard home and make it energy efficient.

How can a EEM benefit a borrower?

There are several ways a borrower can benefit by taking out an EEM. Well, first the borrower’s income and the estimated energy savings are analyzed allowing the borrower to qualify for a larger mortgage loan. Also the borrower’s buying power is increased permitting the borrower to include the total cost of any energy improvements into the total mortgage loan amount. Then because of the energy improvements the house value is increased.

Can Your Home Qualify for A EEM?

Energy Efficient Mortgages can be used for newly constructed homes. Your home must be a single-family, a owner occupied residential , a one unit house or a condominium in order to qualify for a EEM. Before you can take out a EEM you must first have a RESNET report evaluation. The RESNET report determines your home energy efficiency in it’s current state. After a RESNET report is done then you will receive a energy home rating. A energy home rating measures your home energy efficiency. A home energy rater that’s accredited by the RESNET rating system will conduct a home inspection. They will look at things like your home heating and cooling system, window to wall ratios and insulation levels just to mention a few. Then you will receive a energy rating score between 1 to 100.

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Georgia Mortgage Licensing Body

Website: dbf.georgia.gov

Phone: (770) 986-1633

State: Georgia

Licensed By: Georgia Dept of Banking & Finance

Additional Info: Georgia Dept of Banking & Finance - (770) 986-1633 http://dbf.georgia.gov (GA is licensed through the NMLS)