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Aldrich Interiors
(501) 855-1132
3401 Highway 71 S Bella Vista
Bella Vista, AR
Allusive Butterfly Interiors
(501) 666-2868
6801 Cantrell Rd.
Little Rock, AR
Julie Wait Designs
(501) 631-8706
226 S First St. Rogers
Rogers, AR
Decorating Services
(501) 621-0077
1726 Acorn Dr. Rogers
Rogers, AR
Katherine Hale Interiors
(501) 624-3659
205 Crestwood St.
Hot Springs, AR
Aldrich Interiors
(501) 855-1132
3401 Highway 71
S Bella Vista, AR
Amber Door Interior Design
(870) 972-0520
606 Southwest Dr.
Jonesboro, AR
Julie Wait Designs
(501) 631-8706
226 S First St.
Rogers, AR
Decorating Services
(501) 621-0077
1726 Acorn Dr.
Rogers, AR
Kristen Ball
(479) 283-1631
3458 McRay
Springdale, AR

Spruce Your Home for Spring

After spring-cleaning comes spring decorating—it is the perfect time to change your home’s look with a cool revamp. Putting away blankets, long curtains, and other winter items is the first step in order to get your home ready for a spring-time spruce up.

Start with a Clean Slate

Getting rid of clutter is a great way to start the seasonal change. The biggest change you can make is to go lighter—everywhere. Choosing a natural light-wood for furniture, use white in your room (fabrics on furniture or white accessories).

Accessories Always Win

Adding things like vases, pillows, and rugs to a room is a cost-effect way to change the entire look of a room, and it can go from winter wonderland to spruced up spring with just a few minor changes. Wall decals are a great and very inexpensive way to add some flair to a drab wall or headboard. Flowery or contemporary designs are great ways to give your room a lit spring spruce up. Putting fabric on a headboard or metallic paint on bedside tables are also inexpensive and fun ways to change the look of a room.

Love! Fresh Flowers

Adding flowers to a room always brightens it up, but instead of just putting them in a vase, try to do something more unique with them, like putting them inside a glass urn or oddly shaped vase that will also add some texture. Another way to revamp a room with plants is to use floating plants in stackable glass containers—these make great spring-time centerpieces.


Using lots of interesting patterns on pillows, or putting up personal artwork, or a photo-montage at eye-level also brightens up a room. A group of symmetrical artwork (flower paintings, decorative framed cardstock pieces, etc) can also add some animation to a drab wall. Color can also make a huge difference in seasonal décor. Using bright spring-time colors to set the mood of a room is a great way to liven up and revamp your home. A great way to ...

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