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What You Should Know Before Adding a Half-Bath to Your House

Whether homeowners boast an expansive estate or a two-bedroom bungalow, they all want an increase two main things: their home’s value and in its amenities. One way to get both of those at once is by adding a half bathroom.

A half bathroom adds functionality and value to your home. However, before you pick a spot to install a toilet and sink, there are some things you should consider. Although all half bathrooms feature a toilet and some type of lavatory, one size and one location do not fit all.

Here are things that every homeowner should know before setting the wheels in motion on installing a half bathroom:
Location, location, location isn’t just for real estate
When planning a half bathroom for your home, carefully think about where it will be most utilized. The main floor is an ideal place for a half bathroom, providing convenience for visitors before a meal is served.
A basement is also a good location for a half bathroom so you don’t have to march upstairs and interrupt sporting events on TV. Installing a half bathroom under a stairwell is also often a good spot, as is a downstairs laundry room. Think about the highest traffic areas in your home to see if a half bathroom is possible there.

Check local and national regulations
Before you plan your half bathroom, check with your local municipality to make sure that you know all of the codes and requirements surrounding bathrooms. Make sure that there are no size or window restrictions or requirements in your area that might impact your half bathroom plans. According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), any bathroom outlet receptacle has to be GFCI protected. The NEC also requires that a GFCI outlet must be located within three feet of a bathroom sink. Visit the National Fire Protection Association to learn more about the NEC and its requirements.
What are your plumbing options? 
A half bathroom without ...

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