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The Home Depot
3021 Cherry Ave NE
Salem, OR
Mon-Sat: 6:00am-10:00pm
Sun: 7:00am-8:00pm

Home Depot #4030
(503) 587-7130
3021 Cherry Ave, Ne
Salem, OR
Saffron Sply Co
(503) 581-7501
325 Commercial St NE
Salem, OR
Lowe's #1600
(503) 589-4333
1930 Turner Road Southeast
Salem, OR
(503) 589-4333
1930 Turner Road Southeast
Salem, OR
M-SA 6 am - 10 pm
SU 7 am - 9 pm

Home Depot #4006
(503) 581-9688
3795 Hagers Grove Rd SE
Salem, OR
Champion Feed
(503) 585-7140
5711 Gaffin Road S.E.
Salem, OR
Consolidated Supply Co
(503) 779-2282
2710 Pringle Rd. SE Suite 110
Salem, OR
(503) 399-7473
2425 Mcgilchrist St SE
Salem, OR
Fastenal- Salem
2949 22nd Street SE Salem, OR, 97302
Salem, OR

GROHE Rainshower Icon Hand Shower - Showerhead

Get clean and have fun in the shower with these innovative handshowers. The Grohe Rainshower handheld adds a bright splash of color to your shower, while offering 4 different spray patterns.
Rainshower Icon is the ultimate style statement, the icon of a new generation of showers, which appeals to design disciples around the world. Its halo-shaped shower head is not only a new concept in bathroom style but also allows the shower to be hung up on a dedicated wall holder. It goes without saying that the unique shape does not compromise the showering comfort at all; all nozzles are adjusted in such a way that they produce the perfect rain shower. The laws of shower design have never been challenged in finer style.
Rainshower Icon features the unique GROHE EcoButton. This specially colored button on the shower handle allows water consumption to be reduced significantly, without blocking part of the nozzles and without compromising on the fun -a "must have" for all who think green. This Rainshower also features GROHE DreamSpray technology which ensures the even distribution of water to all nozzles for perfect spray patterns and maximum showering pleasure. Benefiting from the constant evolution of GROHE's innovative and advanced technologies, their optimized rain spray guarantees ultimate pleasure from the very first drop.
An intensive shower experience that helps save resources -a smart, responsible and sustainable choice.
Grohe R...

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