Floor Refinishing Supply Stores Petal MS

Refinishing hardwood floors in Petal, MS takes time, patience, and the proper tools and techniques, but the result can be extraordinary. Supplies you may need in wooden floor refinishing include wide brooms, heavy and light sandpaper, dust masks, wood stain, etc. See below to learn more and to gain access to floor refinishing supply stores in Petal, MS that provide the necessary tools for floor refinishing.

(601) 545-7198
Hattiesburg, MS
(601) 545-7198
PO BOX 16055
Hattiesburg, MS
Hollingsworth Jimmy & Margie
(601) 261-3098
808 N 30th Ave
Hattiesburg, MS
Quarries End
(601) 296-1001
6615 U S Highway 98
Hattiesburg, MS
Anderson''S Carpet One Floor & Home
(601) 584-4540
11 Office Park Dr
Hattiesburg, MS
(601) 268-8808
6390 HIGHWAY 98 W
Hattiesburg, MS
Anderson Retail Inc
(601) 584-4560
515 W Scooba St
Hattiesburg, MS
Mississippi Wholesale Flooring Incorporated
(601) 268-1748
6855 U S Highway 49
Hattiesburg, MS
Hub City Flooring
(601) 268-2620
7408 U S Highway 49
Hattiesburg, MS
Craft-Croswell Contract Furnishings
(601) 296-1827
27 Power Ln
Hattiesburg, MS

How to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Yes this is another do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Of course you can always hire a professional, but if you are up for the challenge...well here it is!
Are your old wooden floor showing wear and tear? All you need to do is refinish them to make them look brand spankin' new!  But before you start you should learn how to refinish hardwood floors - of course. This article will help you get your planning in place.

Sand Away!

First, vacate the room so all you have is the floor. Make sure that all furniture, rugs and other items inside the room are removed. and stored in a safe place. You should also inspect your floor thoroughly and make sure that it does not have any protruding surfaces or have any nails on it. If there are nails in your floor that are sticking out, you should get a hammer and pound them back into the surface.
Second, make sure that you are equipped with goggles or a face mask with eye protection to protect yourself from any flying particles and dust. Now it is time to get your floor sander. You can rent this from any equipment rental store. Get something that you can move around easily, and avoid a sander that is too heavy for you to maneuver. Make sure your sander is fitted with the right sand paper.
Third, run the sanding machine in the direction of the grains on your wood. Your strokes should be straight and even. Do not stop moving your machine when it is turned on because you will only gauge the floor. In case this happens, you should go back and forth again with the sanding until you even it out.
Fourth step, remove your first piece of sandpaper and clip in a new piece with a finer grain into your machine. The fine-grain sandpaper can help even out scratches and lines on your wooden floor.
Fifth step, vacuum the room to get rid of all the dust from the sanding.

Tips in Beautifying your Floors

When you are finished with the sanding, you can also stain and seal the floors to make them look much better. However, if you prefer the natural color of your wooden floor, there is no need to apply stain. For your finishing touch, brush your wooden floor to get rid of all the sawdust. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of other particles. If you do not clean your floor well at this stage, it will only ruin what you have worked hard for. When done with the cleaning, you should ventilate the area by either opening the windows or using an industrial fan to do the job.

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