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Carteret Mortgage Corporation
(800) 619-1140
124 North Street
Hebron, OH
Broadview Mortgage Company
(740) 366-2700
505 Mount Vernon Rd
Newark, OH
Abs Financial Inc
(740) 453-4669
1136 Maple Ave
Zanesville, OH
Mclendon Mortgage Co
(614) 454-6801
330 Main Street
Zanesville, OH
Capital Savings and Loan Company
(740) 349-8406
568 Hebron Road
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Park National Bank
(614) 349-8451
50 North Third St
Newark, OH
Equity Resources Inc
(740) 349-7082
25 S Park Pl
Newark, OH
Lcj Financial Group Inc
(740) 454-8876
536 Main Street
Zanesville, OH
Century National Bank
(614) 454-6892
14 S Fifth St
Zanesville, OH
American Home Mortgage
(740) 522-7181
501 Hopewell Drive
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Energy Efficient Mortgages

What are energy efficient mortgages? More and more people are using them to purchase greener homes and save money in the long run. See what they are, who can use them, and what the benefit of having an energy efficient mortgage is.  

Energy Efficient Mortgages are mortgages that will give credit for a home’s energy efficiency in an actual mortgage, which gives a lendee the chance to fund cost-effective, energy saving home. This extends the debt-to-income eligibility ratios, allowing a lendee to meet the requirements for a larger loan. Not only do they receive a larger loan, but they also improve their situation with a home that is better and more energy-efficeint. 

Why should people buy energy efficient homes? There are many benefits to having an energy efficient home. The first two things that people talk about when buying an energy efficient home is that a) it costs less and b) it is better for the environment. An energy-efficient home saves a homeowner a significant amount of money on monthly bills because it uses less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating. It also creates less pollution, an obvious benefit for the environment. Energy efficient homes are also said to have increased comfort. Homes are typically cooler in the summertime, and warmer in the winter without using nearly as much energy. It is also said that the air quality in these homes is much better—improvement of duct systems typically means better airflow. 

These energy efficiency mortgages are mostly used to purchase new homes, which are already energy efficient. However, an energy efficient mortgage can be used to do energy efficient upgrades on existing or older homes. People who use these can spend a little bit more on their monthly mortgage payment because their energy efficient homes cost less on a monthly basis for other bills. In order to apply and receive an energy efficient mortgage, the borrower normally has to allow a home energy ...

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