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Green flooring is made from recycled or natural materials without any hazardous chemicals or toxic products. It is important for environmental protection. See below for resources on eco-friendly flooring suppliers in Dover for your home improvement projects.

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17 2ND ST
Dover, NH
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Asbridge Enterprises
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42 Old Turnpike Rd
Nottingham, NY

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Hogan Flooring
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Portsmouth Quality Flooring Corp.
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Drytek Flooring Solutions
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S & B Sons Flooring
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Eco-Friendly Home Guide: Part 4 - Flooring

When you come to the flooring in your home and are looking for a way to change things up and make it more eco-friendly, you have many different solutions to choose from. Flooring options are seemingly endless, and there are so many different ways to make yours eco-friendly than you might realize. In the past, bamboo floors were touted as an environmentally friendly solution, but there weren’t many other options for homeowners who were looking to improve the quality of their home through their flooring purchases and installation. Today, that has changed. Eco-friendly flooring options for your green remodel include:

Bamboo: One of the most beautiful wood floors you can find, and very environmentally friendly because it renews so much more quickly than hardwood trees do. It comes in many different shades and you can even stain it to match the décor of your home if you desire.

Organic Carpeting: You don’t have to forego carpet in order to complete your green remodel. You can find carpets that are made from organic materials that are much more eco-friendly than traditional carpets.

Padding: When installing carpet, you can often buy plush enough carpets that don’t require padding. It’s just an extra layer of chemically-made product on your floor and actually makes carpets harder to keep clean because it absorbs spills, odors, and other things. If you don’t want to give up padding, buy a product made from recycled or organic materials to get more ‘green’ in your home.

Painting: Lately, a new trend has emerged in the world of flooring. People are taking old wood floors, tile floors, laminates and vinyl and painting them instead of replacing. You can choose from any colors, designs, and even create art on your floor if you choose. Use low-VOC paints to have a more eco-friendly effect, and get creative with your flooring. This is also a budget-friendly solution.

Refinishing: Some people want to tear up old hardwood flo...

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