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Deck Designs: Making the Outdoors More Enjoyable

When you think of building a deck, you typically think of a square or rectangle built off of the back of the house, because it’s that simple. However, when choosing your deck design, you should really think about how you can maximize your space and give the area a more unique feel than any typical deck would offer. There are many ways to design a deck, and while circles or rounded edges typically aren’t a great way to go, you can do a lot more than a basic square or rectangle if you are able to get creative.


Consider putting in levels on your deck. Start with the level that meets the door to the house, and then go up or down from there. Connect two or three smaller deck spaces with a step up or down to give the deck depth and dimension, and make it a more unique space. Instead of having one large deck area on one level, you can have a more creative space to enjoy the outdoors, and add value to your home. Another tip for creating the perfect deck is to utilize treated materials and weatherproofing products when you need them.


Some people choose composite decking these days because it is more effective and not prone to wood rot, but the truth is that treated lumber can still be just as effective if you install it and weatherproof it correctly. Make sure that you choose a surface for your deck that will help keep things safe. Some treated lumber gets very slippery when it is wet, and you don’t want people falling and getting hurt. Consider putting down grip tape strips if you are going to use a material that is slick when it is wet, to keep everyone safe.


Choose a deck design that works for you. Get creative, and let your ideas flow. Perhaps you want a deck that has a lower ...

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Decking Materials: Part 2

If you’ve ever wanted that “it” looking deck, you may want to consider some new alternatives in deck materials. To continue our deck remodeling project material comparison, we will be familiarizing ourselves with exotic woods, plastic, vinyl, and aluminum products. Research your options for decking materials and review other homeowner and contractor ’s remodeling projects for ideas.
Exotic woods are dense woods from more tropical areas, like South America, Africa and the tropics. The popular exotic woods are ipe, camaru, mahogany, cambara and bangkiri. They have a similar price point to composite decking products. Like our indigenous rot- and insect-resistant woods, these are extremely durable and naturally rot- and insect-resistant. These woods require pre-drilling and more effort to cut them therefore increasing your deck remodeling project ’s labor cost. Have your contractor purchase these woods through known reputable dealers to prevent purchasing falsely labeled materials. There has been a bit of environmental backlash relating to exotic wood use; research the origin and process of any decking material choice you make.
Plastic plank products and hollow-core polyvinyl chloride are just part of the plastic/vinyl arsenal. Solid-core plastic and high density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber are the other key players. These products have a similar price point to composite materials; however, they have twice the lifetime at 25 to 50 years. Plastic can’t mimic wood’s feel or sound even though it can mimic its look. Be aware that some building codes prohibit plastic lumber’s structural usage; requiring wood for handrails, posts and joists. For improved structural integrity, look for steel reinforced plastic and vinyl products.
Aluminum had a modern rebirth in the past decade. It can be used by interlocking aluminum boards. It is an easy to clean decking material that has an attractive mode...

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