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(503) 371-7556
Salem, OR
Ceramic Tile & Carpet Co Inc
(503) 585-3688
1450 Sunnyview Rd Ne
Salem, OR
Deluxe Coatings & Cabinets
(503) 670-8642
4376 Wildcherry Ct SE
Salem, OR
G & R Floor Installations Warehouse
(503) 581-1573
1450 Sunnyview Rd Ne
Salem, OR
J K Carpet Center Inc
(503) 363-6033
985 Broadway Street Northeast
Salem, OR
Cascade Floors Inc
(503) 769-6823
Po Box 250
Sublimity, OR

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(503) 585-2262
960 Commercial St Ne
Salem, OR
Leconn Floor Covering Supplies Inc
(503) 370-9950
2698 Portland Rd Ne
Salem, OR
Capitol Floor Coverings Incorporated
(503) 585-3596
1450 Sunnyview Rd Ne
Salem, OR
Willamette Valley Floor Covering
(503) 362-9264
1480 Madison St Ne
Salem, OR
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Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a hot new trend that is not only fun and fashionable, but also eco-friendly. Cork is quickly becoming a very popular choice for home owners with new flooring needs, simply because these trees live up to 800 years, and they don’t have to die in order to produce great looking flooring materials. These trees are actually harvested by removing the bark every 9 years or so. After this process is completed, the bark grows back again, proving that no harm is done to the tree and that it can continue to be harvested for everyday use. When it comes to finding the best flooring solutions, it can be hard to pick the ideal option, but cork is definitely a great choice.

Bulletin Board Floors?

In a process similar to that of making bulletin boards, coasters, and even corks from wine bottles, the bark is processed. First, it is ground into tiny pieces and coated with a binder made of non-toxic resin material. Then, the cork is processed and manufactured into tiles or planks depending on the manufacturer and what particular products they need at that time. The grinding of the cork is much finer than cork for other uses, allowing these floors to create a variety of patterns, textures, and designs for home owners to choose from.

Cork flooring comes in a variety of colors, but it is never artificially colored. Cork is baked during the manufacturing process, and the longer that it bakes, the darker the color gets. If you have unfinished floors in your home, you can choose to paint or stain the cork without worrying about fading, bleeding, and related issues. About 50% of cork floor volume is air, meaning that this eco-friendly solution is also a great floor for sound and shock absorption, as well as better heating or cooling in the home.

Does Cork Cost Too Much?

Cork is not an expensive material. It certainly is going to cost more than your average laminate or hard wood product, but because it is easy to find and harvest without damaging the t...

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