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Notoco Industries Inc
(504) 469-2801
2125 Williams Blvd
Kenner, LA
Trinity Electric Llc
(504) 309-3473
180536 26 St
Kenner, LA
Armstrong's Supply Co Inc
(504) 887-1990
4305 Clearview Pkwy
Metairie, LA
Lakewood Lamp & Lantern LLC
(504) 737-9131
2326 Hickory Ave
New Orleans, LA
(318) 686-2245
600 Edwards Ave
New Orleans, LA
Ducote Electric Inc
(504) 468-6158
1304 Fulton St
Kenner, LA
Ideal Lighting
(504) 737-7176
812 Little Farms Ave
Metairie, LA
Decorator Shoppe Lighting Center
(504) 888-2801
5029 Veterans Memorial Blvd
Metairie, LA
First Light Inc
(504) 733-4004
1020 Distributors Row
New Orleans, LA
Lighting Center
(504) 885-8511
204 Carnation Ave
Metairie, LA

Flip the Switch on Ceiling Lights

If you haven’t noticed, we’re in a new age of remodeling where everything is being re-invented. But there is one area you’ll find innovations that are light years ahead… and that’s in the realm of lighting, particularly ceiling or roof lighting. Let’s flip the switch on ceiling light solutions.
Solatube Lighting
If you want innovative, cool and environmentally conscious, then look no further than Solatube. Solatube has been creating a hybrid between skylights using the Sun and lights for 20 years. They essentially take sunlight and turn it into residential luminescence. They have a number of styles and functionality for both businesses and homes. The light is clean and natural and fits in recessed nooks. In some cases, you might be able to simply replace your old lights with Solatube’s fixtures. In other cases, you might have to retrofit them. In any case, Solatube and other solar-lumin hybrids can really be a nice addition to your place and assist greatly in re-sale . You can go to their website and find the dealer nearest you.If you suffer from SAD, Solatube is a sane and healthy option.
Sun-Dome Lighting A competitor to Solstube is Sun-Dome . The basic premises is the same: take sunlight and turn it into room light. Sun-Dome offers both residential and business solutions for solar lighting. Even though it’s a step above the ceiling, you can also get solar powered attic ceiling fans. These fans are a Godsend for hot attics in the summer. You simply build them into the roof and let the sun do the cooling.

LED Lighting
If you don’t want to invest in the emerging solar marketplace, you can explore other options like LED. LED ceiling lights offer a different type of light source, plus their space-age esthetic can be both affordable and really eye-catching. Possini’s Euro-Design LED ceiling lights look like they’ve been carefully extracted from the inside of your laptop’s mother board, then magically enlarged to fit the space on your ceiling. And yet, these hyper-luminescent beauties are not in the least clinical looking. The clear halogen bulbs are accented with a chrome finish and glass rods. If you’re looking to go modern, well, look no further. If you want to have a warmer and more organic feel and still stay with an LED option, Access Lighting has low hanging pendants that look and feel like they just fell out of the Mediterranean night sky. T...

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