Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink Lebanon MO

Before choosing a bathroom sink for your bathroom remodeling project, you have decide which bathroom sink style you need, from traditional bathroom sinks to wall mounted sinks, you can pick one in the various bathroom sink retailers. See below for more resources for bathroom sink retailers in Lebanon.

Honey Do's Inc
(417) 532-7723
1129 Tyler Dr
Lebanon, MO
Southard Michael Construction Co
(417) 532-7577
PO Box 82
Lebanon, MO
B & J Plumbing & Remodeling
(417) 588-1884
14733 Deercreek Rd
Lebanon, MO
Bobs Remodeling & Construction
(417) 532-0064
30095 Highway F
Lebanon, MO
Meek's Builder's Choice
(417) 588-3223
2041 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO
Pulver Construction
(417) 533-8117
25150 Meadowlark Dr
Lebanon, MO
Mcalexander Barbara
(417) 588-4151
22711 Primrose Dr
Lebanon, MO
Appleby Dave Construction Co
(417) 532-9484
22885 Richmond Dr
Lebanon, MO
Freedom Home Crafters By Robinson
(417) 532-7768
1550 E Route 66
Lebanon, MO
Neighborhoods Home Improvement Store
(417) 533-5080
19850 Houston Rd
Lebanon, MO

House Accessibility: Part 2

As part of your whole home remodel, the kitchen and bathroom should be a major focuses of remodeling for accessibility. Consider your safety and comfort concerns and communicate them to your contractor to focus your plans. Take an honest look at the accessibility issues of your kitchen, working space, bathroom, bathtub, toilet and sink.
Standard base cabinet counters can be difficult for people in wheelchairs to use. Remodeling professionals are showcasing removable or mobile cabinetry remodeling to allow access to the sink or work area. Sections of the counter or the entire kitchen’s counters can be lowered to provide a comfortable work space for the whole family. Switches can all be relocated to the front of the counter or cabinet by an electrical contractor. Sliding or drop leaf shelves can be installed to provide easier access to goods as well as an expanded workspace. Consider single lever and anti-scald controls for improved water safety.
The wheelchair sink experience changes the bathroom. For wheelchair sink access, vanity cabinets are a thing of the past. You have two options:  remove the vanity and deal with the resultant exposed hot water pipes or  have your contractor replace it with a wall mounted lavatory. Just like the kitchen, the sink and shower should have single lever and anti-scald temperature controls.
Provide support and a sense of security to your loved ones by taking an honest look at your bathing options. Bathtub and shower grab bars can afford more stability; while a tub transfer seat can be installed by your contractor to add greater comfort. Accessible bathroom remodeling frequently replaces the bathtub with a shower stall, often with built in shower seats.
The lowly toilet is an issue for people with disabilities for exactly that reason; the toilet seat is too low. Consult expert advice for some ideas on toilet accessibility. Your remodeling professional or contractor ca...

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