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Charlie Ursitti
(678) 778-5038
P. O. Box 2728
Acworth, GA
Residential,Home Staging

Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs
(770) 514-9699
4430 Wade Green Road, Suite 180
Kennesaw, GA
Kandrac & Kole Interiors
(770) 514-9699
4223 Claremont Terr. Kennesaw
Kennesaw, GA
Ellie's Interiors
(404) 569-1952
99 Tower Ridge Rd
Cartersville, GA
Daria deGolian
(404) 252-1163
5164 Powers Ferry Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA

C Davis Interior Design
(770) 443-6545
95 Chastain Pl. #202
Kennesaw, GA
Michele Reed Interiors
(770) 973-0700
95 Chastain Rd., Ste. 202
Kennesaw, GA
Heaven Sent Holiday Decorators
(770) 334-8121
91 Timber Ridge Drive
Cartersville, GA
Holiday Interior and Exterior Design
Terri Cusick
Heaven Sent Holiday Decorators

Knikkolette Interior Decorating
(770) 833-8601
635 Wedgewood Drive
Woodstock, GA
Kris ONeill
(678) 797-1464
69 Aviation Road
Marietta, GA
Residential,Home Staging

Bathroom Designs: Creating More than Just a Pretty Space

Bathrooms are a critical part of any home renovation project. If you ask anyone who has ever been involved in real estate, bathrooms are the rooms that sell homes. These rooms have a lot of value, and making yours look great is only half the battle. While a good looking bathroom can increase the value of your home, a good looking bathroom that is functional will serve to increase value and make your own life easier and more efficient. There are many ways to utilize bathroom spaces, and finding the solution that works for you is just a matter of getting creative.


Start by figuring out how much renovation you will be doing. If you are completely gutting the room and starting over, you have a lot more ideas to play with than if you were only making small changes. You can design the perfect bathroom, as long as you remember to think about the functionality of the space as well as the aesthetic design. When you start planning, think about the strategic placement of the shower or tub, the sink, the toilet, and light fixtures within the area. You will need to consider different options and think outside of the box to get a unique, functional bathroom that you can turn into a beautiful space.


If you are not renovating the entire room, you can still make big changes in functionality by replacing little elements here and there. Change out light fixtures for more energy-efficient models. Choose compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) that gives off a daylight type of light for a more natural lighting solution. Even better, put in a window or two, or expand the existing windows if they are small. More outside light means you need less artificial light in the room. Consider changing the shower, faucets, and toilet to ene...

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